I am recruiting MS and PhD students to start in both Winter 2022 and Fall 2022!

I have funding for projects pursuing questions regarding the biogeochemical implications of low-oxygen microsites in upland soils, the role of soil and lithologic physicochemical properties in controlling the flux of terrestrial carbon, nutrients, and heavy metals to streams and rivers, and the role of carbonate minerals in controlling dissolved inorganic carbon flux in natural and agricultural systems. Send me an email at chodges@ou.edu stating your interests and your CV if you are interested in joining.

I always welcome motivated undergraduate students to pursue their own research questions or gain experience in the research process with a project of my design. I have options for both laboratory and field-based projects for undergraduate students

Soil incubations of intact soil cores. Using the ratio of CO2 to O2 to decode the importance of anaerobic respiration to total soil CO2 flux.

Collecting data from sensors that track microbe-mediated iron and manganese oxidation and reduction in soils
Manipulative experiments understanding the physicochemical controls on the metal redox reactions