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The laboratory will be instrumented with a LI-COR LI7815 trace gas analyzer with a small volume introduction module, an Elementar Vario EL elemental CNS analyzer, and a Thermo Fisher MultiSkan SkyHigh microplate UV-Vis analyzer with wavelength scanning capability. See the other geochemistry labs adjacent to the Critical Zone Biogeochemistry Laboratory for more instruments available for use by students and postdocs (here).

We also will have two drying ovens, a freezer, a refrigerator, multiple shakers, a ball mill, a jar mill, a water purification system, a benchtop centrifuge (with access to a floor centrifuge next door), multiple sets of sieves, and a full suite of reagents, glassware, and plasticware.

Our field equipment consists of soil carbon dioxide sensors, soil oxygen sensors, soil moisture sensors, campbell scientific datalogers, augers with extensions, soil probes, a bulk density sampling set, a LICOR smartflux soil trace gas flux system. The School of Geosciences at the University of Oklahoma maintains a fleet of field vehicles available for use by students for fieldwork.